Career5 Postdoctoral research positions of 12 months

5 Postdoctoral research positions of 12 months


The University of Bucharest, Romania, is launching the competition for 5 Postdoctoral research positions within the Interdisciplinary Research on Russia’s Geopolitics in the Black Sea and the Arctic Ocean project.

This project is funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 in the Collaborative Research Programme, contract no. 35/2021, and it is implemented by the University of Bucharest through its Research Institute (ICUB).

Period of employment: 12 months – July 2021-June 2022.

Work quota: partial, 84 hours per month.

Amenities: monthly gross salary of 6806 lei (around 4400 lei net pay); participation funding in international scientific conferences; abroad research traineeship based on a firm plan; access to the project’s facilities.

Job description of the postdoctoral researcher and the types of activities included in the research quota:

– applied research on a subject within the project’s theme

– writing a minimum of two scientific studies, which must be sent for publishing in relevant peer-reviewed academic journals

– presenting a minimum of 2 scientific papers within relevant peer-reviewed academic conferences

– writing a minimum of one article per month, of approximatively 6000 characters for the project’s webpage, according to research field or expertise

– collaborating in creating a database with bibliographical data on the project’s subject

– collaborating in creating the research centre’s digital library

– participating in bimonthly meetings to analyse research progress

– for those that do not know Russian, learning the language within the intensive course organised within the project

– collaborating with the research team in the organization and unrolling of academic events within the project

– writing a monthly activity report within the project.

Required Qualifications:

– PhD title in one of the following fields: Political Sciences; International Relations and European Studies; History; Economic Sciences; Geography; Environmental Science, received within the last 5 years (2016 – 2020).

– research experience;

– the proposed research subject must fit the theme of the Interdisciplinary Research on Russia’s Geopolitics in the Black Sea and the Arctic Ocean project;

– good skills of English;

– knowledge of Russian and/or Ukrainian is not mandatory, but represents an advantage;- ability to use a computer – the Office package (minimum of Word and Excel) and in researching online sources.

The application dossier for contest will contain the following documents:

– Curriculum Vitae, which must contain information regarding studies, professional and research experience;

– List of scientific publications;

– Letter of interest describing how your qualifications and experience have prepared you for this position, written in English, about 4000 characters;

– Research project, written in English, which must fit the theme of the Interdisciplinary Research on Russia’s Geopolitics in the Black Sea and the Arctic Ocean project (details on;

– Names and contact information of three references;

– Copies of the documents which attest the level of education and of other documents which attest the completion of specialisations and/or the fulfilling of the specific conditions;

– Request for entry into the contest, addressed to the University’s Rector;

– Copy of an ID, or any other document which attests one’s identity, according to the law;

– Birth certificate, marriage certificate (where appropriate)

– Criminal record or statement on one’s own responsibility that the candidate has no criminal record

– Medical certificate which attests one’s appropriate health status, issued by the candidate’s family doctor or by competent medical authorities;

– Agreement regarding the processing of personal data.

All documents will be sent by email, in one file pdf format, according to the timetable to:

The evaluation and selection stages:

1. Selection the contest dossiers

2. Evaluating the research projects

3. Online interviews

The interview will take place in English, online, through Google Meet or Zoom. Candidates must ensure their own access to a computer with a webcam, microphone and an internet connection within the planned time frame. The schedule for interview will be notified to each selected candidate by email.

Contest Timetable

20th of April – 19th of May, 2021: Dossier submission by email at the Directorate for Human Resources and verifying the dossier’s documents;

19th of May, 2021: Deadline for submission;

20th of May, 2021: The selection of dossiers by the evaluation committee. Only the applicants with required qualifications and complete dossier will be accepted!

21st of May, 2021: Publishing the results of the dossiers’ selection;

24th of May, 2021: Submitting appeals regarding the results of the dossiers’ selection;

25th of May 2021: Publishing the results of the appeals’ resolution and the final list of the selected dossiers;

27th of May, 2021: Evaluating the research projects;

28st of May, 2021: Publishing the results of the research projects’ evaluation;

31st of May, 2021: Submitting appeals to the evaluation of research projects;

1st of June, 2021: Publishing the results of the appeals’ resolution, the final list of the selected candidates for the interview and the timetable of interviews;

7th-8th of June, 2021: The Interview, scheduled for each candidate;

9th of June, 2021: Publishing the results of the interviews;

10th of June, 2021: Submitting appeals to the interviews’ evaluation;

11th of June, 2021: Publishing the results of the appeals’ resolution and the final list of the selected candidates;

17th – 30th of June, 2021: Signing the employment contract;

1st of July, 2021: Starting the job.

Nota Bene! In the case of citizens outside the EU / EEA, activity will commence after receiving the necessary permits from the Immigration Service. Details on:

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail to Assoc. Prof. Marius Diaconescu, assistant manager in the project:

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