PodcastRussia and Ukraine: What Comes Next?

Russia and Ukraine: What Comes Next?


Thursday, February 10th 2022, the Romanian Centre for Russian Studies organised the “Russia and Ukraine: What Comes Next?” debate.

The discussion was livestreamed on our Facebook page, at 16.00 EEST.


Mag. Sebastian Schäffer MA, managing director Institut für Donauraum und Mitteleuropa
Expertise: EU-Russia relations, European Neighbourhood Policy (with focus on Moldavia and Ucraine), West Balkan, Yugoslavia’s successor states.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Umland, senior expert at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future in Kyiv, Research Fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs in Stockholm, associate professor of Politics at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Dan Perry, International journalist and author, communications and strategy professional, media technologist, Thunder11 PR.

Prof. Dr. Armando Marques Guedes, director of the Research Center (CEDIS) and coordinator of the Masters in Law and Security, Law and Economics of the Sea and of the PhD in Law and Security, Nova School of Law, Lisbon.

Prof. Dr. Michael Kemper, director of the Amsterdam Research School of Regional, Transnational and European Studies (ATRTES) at the Faculty of Humanities. His teaching is about Russian foreign policies as well as in the history of Russia and Eurasia.

Dr. Armand Goşu, associate professor of Russian Politics, Political and Diplomatic History of Russian Empire and Soviet Union at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bucharest.

Dr. Radu Carp, political scientist, University of Bucharest.

Dr. Marius Diaconescu, historian, University of Bucharest.

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